Earn Crypto

We dedicated a special page for earning cryptos and only legit and we promise to post only trustworthy methods to earn real cryptocurrency. If you have an experience with a website which pays in cryptos and we haven’t listed in here then drop us a message. We will be happy to learn it through you and give a link back to your blog.

Hence, want to earn some cryptocurrency but don’t know how? Here’s your crypto guide to earn cryptocurrencies. Let’s earn crypto 👌.

Earn cryptos by becoming an author on  publish0x.com

The website pays in different cryptocurrencies such as Bounty0x (BNTY), HYDRO, DAI and BAT. The later is the token of well known browser Brave. You can start earning cryptocurrencies immediately by simply writing articles. The good thing about becoming an author on Publish0x is that there is no such thing as writing restrictions or limits.

Even though the website is made specifically for crypto  related topics you may write about anything you like.

The concept is very simple – you write articles and others give you tips for that.

Another way to earn cryptocurrency with Publish0x is to give tips to other writers. While giving tips you decide how much to transfer to the writer and to yourself. tip

It’s not something you could do for a living, however you can get cryptos worth 5$ to 10$ per article.

Once you login you should claim for becoming an author otherwise you won’t be able to write articles.


Overall, if you wish to become a crypto writer then publish0x.com is a great place to start your crypto writing career.

Alternatively, it’s worth mentioning that here on cryptoindetail.com we also accept articles from you for free.

Moreover, if you also have a crypto website or a blog then drop us a message through our Write for us page and we will shout out about your website.