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Want to write for us? Yes, it’s now possible!

You can write for numerous topics on Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency related Topics.

We are happy to see you reaching us with your excellent content.

If you follow the trends in the cryptocurrency industry and you want to share your views about current & future developments, discuss promising projects or established ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the likes, then don’t hesitate to contact us! We are always open to publishing guest posts for free on our site.

Cryptoindetail.com has started accepting guest articles, and we invite Cryptocurrency experts to share their stories, opinions, and voice with our audience.

Although we are very particular about what goes on our blog, we do read every guest post request we receive.

However, please do not send us any request without reading the guidelines because we would reject requests that don’t adhere to our guidelines.

Important: We receive a lot of requests, and our approval process is tedious. Please be patient with us because we take 5-10 business days to respond. 

If you are looking for prompt publishing, we’ll do our best to publish it within 1-2 business days. Mention that in your Pitch, and we’ll figure out something 🙂

However, it must still meet our guest post guidelines, and it would need approval from our editors.

Why write for us

Write for us - cryptoindetail.com

Besides getting your name out there and being recognized, there are a couple more reasons you should write for us:

  • We will provide a do-follow backlink to your website. You can get it in your Bio or withing the content – it depends on your text length, Grammar and Plagiarism, and other issues.
  • We share your guest content with our network.
  • You become a sought-after expert.
  • We are looking for long term cooperation, which means once accepted by us, we will prioritize your upcoming posts.

Information for Contributors

We always welcome article contributions, as well as the contributors who want to provide value to our audience and follow our editorial guidelines. 

Being a contributor is a non-paid position, but you will receive full credit for all the articles you submit and get published on our site. 

Information for Paid Writers

The positions for paid writers are limited. Make sure that if you apply for this position, you need to have a huge experience when it comes to writing for blogs, online magazines, or sites online. 

Please, be prepared to showcase articles you have written and the positions you’ve held at similar websites. Very rarely, we will hire the very best candidates with a proven record in the Cryptocurrency community and those highly motivated to join the cryptoindetail.com team.

Topics We Accept:

  • Bitcoin topics;
  • Blockchain topics;
  • Ethereum topics;
  • Digital Marketing related to tech, crypto, and AI;
  • Data and analysis;
  • Big data topics;
  • Machine learning;
  • Cryptocurrency reviews;
  • Online Innovation;
  • Small Technology Businesses;
  • Start-up Marketing;
  • Digital Advertising;
  • Tech Blogging;
  • ICO;
  • Crypto-related websites and channels;
  • Crypto-related other topics.

What Else Do We Publish?

Cryptocurrency reviews and analyses: If you are an expert in the crypto industry (or related topics), and want to educate or pass valuable information to our audience, you can send your tips, how-to articles, case studies, trends, or analyses for consideration.

Infographics: If you have a well-crafted infographic, you can send it along with an introduction, we welcome them as well.

Guest Post Guidelines

Want to write for us? Before you start writing your amazing content and send them to us, please take note of the conditions below:

  • Your articles should be 1200-2500 words. We may accept fewer words; however, the article should sound super cool and SEO-friendly.
  • The article should not have grammatical or language errors.
  • Your story should be informativeinteractive, and interesting. Every post on our blog aims to give valuable information to our users, helping them to enhance their skills in the relevant field, or keeping them updated.
  • Don’t send us chunks of text lying on a word doc. Your article should be well-structured with subheadingsbulletsquotes, and images.
  • Don’t be a business speaking to humans. We are humans giving information to fellow humans, so sound like one in your story. Talk in first person and speak to the readers directly.
  • Don’t use irrelevant images or copyright images owned by someone else.
  • Please give the source of statistics, images, and quotes used in the content.
  • The story should be unique and not published elsewhere.
  • We do not accept direct advertising so don’t try to promote any service or product.
  • We have the right to delete promotional links or edit the article. You can link relevant, informative articles, though.
  • Send your topic ideas before you submit your story.

If you don’t follow the above guidelines, you most likely will not hear from us.


Note: Once the content is published on Cryptoindetail.com, it becomes our property.


What happens if we choose to publish your story?

  • If we select your story, it’s sent for review to our editors. If it requires any changes, we send it back with our comments.
  • We have the right to edit the article or its title.
  • The author has the right to republish the story elsewhere, citing as the original publisher of the story.
  • We can republish the story or share it on any social channel giving due credits to the author.

Waiting time

We read and go through all submissions. If you send it, we’ll read it! And you’ll get an answer too. However, it might take us 1-4 days before we get around to your submission.

Thank you for your attention.


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